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limited edition set is a group of mini size lipsticks, providing you in total 15 shades covering both rich creamy shine and high pigmented matte result. It brings out the perfect touch of color to complete your mood: Each of the shade has its own identity linked to a moment or feeling, then three of each color are grouped together to become five different sets corresponding to five different emotional moods!

The set of #WHAT A GIRL NEEDS TO BE A WOMAN include 2 moisturizing shine finish shades (#882 Trust The Red, #100 Embrace The Fame) and 1 matte finish shade (#578 Red Rage), they are different red: sexy, powerful, brave, which girls need to own to be a woman.


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  • MINI ME Moisturizing Shine Shades:

    • The moisturizing lipstick formula is enriched with nourishing oil, help soften lips and cover lip wrinkles like a lip balm.

    • Containing spherical powder which provide smooth feeling and help easy application, bring a joyful make up experience.

    • Brighten your lips instantly and give your lips a satin finish while keeping ultra-hydrated, showing a watery gloss.

    • Highly pigmented formula to create saturated color on lips.

    MINI ME Matte Shades:

    • Special contain silicon elastomer and spherical structure powder, which bring smooth application and velvety texture.
    • Powdery matte finish, non-sticky and non-drying;
    • No drying formula include nourished oil, leave only fresh and no oily or sticky feeling on lips.
  • Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil,Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil:Soften and nourishing lips, keep lips away from dryness and stickiness.

    Vitamin E:Anti-oxidant

    Silicon elastomerProviding velvety texture, bring fresh and no oily feeling. Create luxury matte appearance.

    SilicaProviding smooth feeling